In 1990 I planted my first set of roots. Born to Kenyetta and Keith. 

A powerful Divine Gemini baby. 

Motown I called home. 

Time felt timeless as I spent my early days with the Grandmas in my life. 

Georgia Mae, my Mother’s mother instilled the power of trust in me. 
Trust in my own magic and how to spark it in others. 

Zie Zie, my Father’s mother empowered the little girl in me. 
Never a moment that I didn’t feel safe and seen. 

Grannymama, my Father’s Grandmother on his Mother’s side, allowed me to be the baby. 
Being the kid and not the responsible one while under her wing always felt so sweet. 

Grandma Jackie, my Father’s Grandmother on his Father’s side, taught me how to be a BOSS. 
In every sense of the word. From supporting my first walk in entrepreneurship to teaching me the dynamic gift of confidence, Grandma Jackie always had my back. 

Dorthy, my maternal Great Grandmother, imparted in me that it doesn’t matter if you have a plan or not in life, you can always aim to be resilient and succeed. My memories of her still inspires me to never allow my blocks to stop me from moving forward. And as the Mother of 14 children, she also taught me that making family your top priority is always a way to stay connected to your roots. 

All in all, each of them kept me free and honest. 

Thankfully, my roots grew deeper and nourished the world around me. 

The first years of the 2000’s were filled with dance and poetry for me. 

And if I’m being honest, this is probably around the time when I knew that art and alchemy were going to play a significant role in my life. 

After high school I packed my bags for the Windy City, leaving Detroit behind me but keeping its spirit and deep connections flowing inside me. 

That ethos set the tone for my journey ahead in Chicago. 




I enrolled at Columbia College and within two years launched my first official biz, Rachel’s Kiddie Care + Crafts. 

Then life shifted and I found myself taking an unexpected turn in the field of marketing. 

I went from being a typical college girl making her way in ChiTown to training teams and executing big budget marketing campaigns. 

This was the part of my journey when I recognized my own magic on a level that felt unparalleled. 

The alchemy of my ancestors, the resilience of Detroit, the wisdom of my grandmothers, and the creative soul in me became heightened. 

I became unstoppable and gained security in my identity.

Success in all its forms was mine. 


Soon enough, I followed my intuition and talent and launched my first brand consulting firm, SunRai Consulting Group. 

The hours I poured in and the heart it took to run SunRai Consulting solidified my confidence in getting my #BOSSBABE on and staying true to my magic. 

However, as the direction that the flow of life will take you when you're riding high the Universe will have a peculiar way of bringing you to a place of facing your shadows. 

After a few setbacks, 

After experiencing a few Dark Night of the Soul moments, from death to break ups, I had to admit that my life needed a complete reset during this time. 

I was feeling spiritually and mentally depleted.

I couldn’t just “bounce back” this time. Deeper dedication and surrender to grief was in order. 

And just like that, I gave myself grace and took a well deserved hiatus. 

I pressed the pause button on my biz and brand and headed towards solitude, sunshine, beaches, and a new coastline. 

I gave myself the chance to fully say YES to me. 

To answer what did I need mind, body, and soul to heal my wounds and completely begin moving my life forward in alignment. 

The answers didn’t come overnight. 

This quest took me from Austin to Orlando to Mexico to Atlanta and back to Chicago. 

Life felt like a whirlwind back then but it served my soul well. 

After calling Chicago home for almost a decade in total, I knew that the time had come to kick off my 30’s in a totally new city. 

Dallas called and I decided to take the leap. 

But before I said my last goodbye to the Windy City I brought my true loves together; friends and family, for a farewell dinner. 


That day is one I’ll always embrace in my heart. Getting nourished from the city and people who have shaped me into the woman I am was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. 

I was able to ride out of Chicago and into the Big D feeling full of love, support, and Divine protection. 

Now settled in Dallas, I know that this is just the beginning of another abundant chapter in my career and life as a whole. 

My 20’s was about activating my Millennial Magic

I learned invaluable lessons on how the human heart navigates loss, fear, pride, and it’s ability to keep beating no matter what fires it gets spiritually baptized in. 

I once only chased bliss until I learned just how important it was to simply flow. 

To lean into all of life's sweeping meanders and release the fears that hold us back. 

I’ve mastered how to relinquish the neverending obsession with controlling outcomes. 

Doing so has given me gems to lead with my purpose in this lifetime and continue to be the creative director in my own life with an open heart and soul full of magic. 

 And now it's time to allow my alchemy to continue to ascend. 

This next chapter is all about guiding you towards breakthroughs, discovering your Divine Natural Approach to Living, and making FLOW your mainstay, to co-create your new life, 



Over my many years of creating and consulting I’ve connected to amazing people that have changed my life for the better by simply allowing me to show up and serve. 

These are their words of affirmation.


Over the last decade, you've showed me strength, you've showed me how to embrace exactly who I am, and the perfect imperfections! You have inspired me to live MY truth and accept my feelings because they belong to me and they are real, to recieve it, and understand that it's ok not to be ok, but that I will and can be ok! If you understand what I'm trying to say lol. Love you Rai!

Ivory Palmer 


You have inspired me in many ways. The biggest inspiration was living in one's own greatness. Is there anything you can't do? You are a phenomenal businesswoman. I admire your ability to get things done in an efficient and matter-of-fact way, with care. It's a pleasure to know you. Give thanks!!!

Ọba Gandy


You save my life everyday. You’ve been a sister to a person who only know brotherhood. You remind me not to chase, you’ve encouraged me to manifest the life I desire. But that time you held me together when all I had left was to fall apart. The end of last summer had you not been there for me I would have died chasing a ghost, literally. You are the best friend I’ve ever had. So many people talk about friendship, few people organically cultivate the kind of bond that save lives. You are my first responder, my baby daddy, and I love you, and look forward to our many decades to come, not even death can do us part #superbass #thatsmybestfriend

Mary Sidney


Rai, you're definitely one of those influential, magical black women I have come across early in my journey that really reflected to me that I could manifest the life I desire, be a powerful creator in my life, and all be a FULL individual with complexities and nuances that made me who I am. You have given me countless opportunities for growth through our intentional collaborations together over the years and through just being around your energy and witnessing you. Grateful for you always Rai (of light).

Sol Symoné


You showed the importance of consistency and of authenticity. I was working in a sick rly different land then, but the approach and commitment for ANYTHING needs those two variables!

Michael David Thomas


Over my many years of creating and consulting I’ve connected to amazing people that have changed my life for the better by simply allowing me to show up and serve. 

These are their words of affirmation.


OMG, when you instant message me a year ago,I was like ”who is this girl”? When we talked you were very clear on your vision and that impressed me. Every conversation rather it be email, polo or Face Time always brought a new fresh perspective.
You are spiritually grounded, creative, resourcefulness, intelligent, caring, honest, beautiful.... baby girl you are ”The Shit”

Alycia Wells


DEEP. When I encountered your spirit... man! I’m like who is this smart beautiful creature? Sekou? lol 😆 #virgothibgs2agemini. I had one conversation with you and there in that moment, I realized you reminded me of fire 🔥. Your tenacity was/is non compared. Your intelligence made me question over & over your age. You are strong 💪 independent & free. A spirit I knew, maybe in past life. Who knows?
I met the Gemini in you also beautiful but definitely nothing to mess with. Your work ethics on point. You showed me eating healthy pays off. I tried yoga 🧘‍♀️ too after your advice. I still say man she is awesome 👏 spirit .

Farrah Turenne


ou definitely gave me a great framework for viewing myself as a creative. Much farther beyond where I was at the time .

Ashe Om


The positive energy and words you speak has really helped me refocus my life. 🙌🏾

Sol Symoné


You definitely gave me more of an impetus to organize my contributions to society and since I have so much I want to compound, it made me realize I need to focus more on the direction and that the theme will follow along, as long as I have structure. Much appreciated.

Blake Adam Mitchell


Over my many years of creating and consulting I’ve connected to amazing people that have changed my life for the better by simply allowing me to show up and serve. 

These are their words of affirmation.

I’ve been where you are right now and know how to lead you with tenderness to your own Millennial Magic. 

I'm here on this earth, at this time to remind you ...

You are whole, loved, celebrated, and divine.

You can experience a life of ease, peace, grace, 

Your relationships will operate in intimate reciprocity and balance.

You are worthy of all things rich and well and in alignment with your purpose. 

And to help you unlock your potential to be the intentional and deliberate creative director of your life and business.