“Where Your Millennial Magic Activates” 

You’re already WHOLE & DIVINE, you just need to feel it and believe it

Once you’re there, you’ll:

-Deepen your Intuition
-Roadmap your future with Clarity
Shift your energy towards full-time Alignment

And on practical terms…

You’ll BOLDLY step into personal leadership

You’ll RELEASE limiting mindsets and connections

You’ll EMBODY the purpose you were born to live out in this lifetime

Decisions will take a sweet simple inhale and weight lifted exhale
No longer pulling you in all four corners 

The Create & Flow Experience awakens this core part of your Soul

Create Your Flow

The Create + Flow experience looks like this...

Four - 1 Hour Virtual “Get Unblocked” Sessions

Healing fueled prompts to inspire deeper self-exploration

*An all inclusive one-year CREATIVE LIVING PLAN to guide and support you

This journey together to self-revelation is a 30 day process 
providing you ample time to ignite the magic in you and to begin implementing the intuitive solutions that we co-create.

Create & Flow will reawaken the over-achiever in you. 

Taking strategic action has gotten you far in life up until this point. 

This month-long intensive experience will circle you back to being the risk-taker that you naturally are. 


Every time you go the “DIY my FLOW” route, you land right back into a unfulfilling place in your life. 

Nothing dramatically and sustainably shifts. 

People don’t seek your brilliance for soul tribe collaborations, your boss looks right past you when you meet (in team settings and 1-on),-1), your game-changing biz idea stays stuck between too risky and I need more time to plan, your life overall feels paused. 

That tug of war with anxiety or crippling self-doubt or looming burn-out wants to win your time and cut your creativity, purpose, confidence and FLOW short. 
Yet, you know that you didn’t come this far, to just come THIS far. 

Deep down you know that you’re a full of ALCHEMY and HEART Millennial. 

We’re this generation’s fighters. 
We don’t run from getting messy with our emotions. 

We also have set a new standard. 

We’re boundary setters. 
We’re work/life balancers. 
We’re holistic wellness is mine, believers. 

Our raw truths are our most radiant strengths. 

But sometimes our truths are filled with way more hustle and blocks than we need. 
Strong holding the energy and magic out of us. 

There is a way out of this. 

To get you there, take a moment to imagine the guidance with tender loving care that you will receive with Create & Flow.

Open up your energy and discover The HEART of the Create & Flow Experience…




Four - 1 hour long virtual “Get Unblocked” sessions that we have together in which:

Unresolved traumatic experiences may rise up 

Unease around the current state of your being will be unearthed

Missing pieces of your Millennial Magic will be discovered 

This part of the Create & Flow experience was designed with the intention of leading you towards gaining clarity and conviction for the personal agreements that your Soul has subconsciously made as well as what you mindfully desire to manifest going forward for the next year of your life. 

My intuitive guidance as a Creative Flow Alchemist during our sessions serves as the bridge to take you from hustling and drained to ignited and thriving

As a guide, I’m direct yet gentle during our partnership.  However, it is crucial that you are prepared; mind, body, and soul, to do the heavy lifting of repairing the layers of your life that deserve your immediate attention. 

It is the work that you dedicate yourself to during the Create & Flow experience and as the year unfolds that will bring you deeper liberation. 
I’m just the faithful facilitator to guide you through your personal revolution. 

Become empowered to be the Creative Director of your life’s path.


Connect Your HEART to your REALITY 


The Create + Flow Journey


Getting face to face with your blocks, your hustle, and your anxiety, is never an easy personal download to receive. It forces you to come to terms with the missing pieces of your magic. 



This is where true alchemy begins to take shape. It’s the moment we bond over your hidden brilliance and decide to activate your FLOW, creatively and strategically. 



Now, this is when you really decide. When you get convicted and commit to your Create and Flow Millennial Magic. It’s going to take honest soul-full work. But we both know that alignment and a purpose driven life will be the result. 



This journey is about the vision you hold for yourself. And that without a doubt includes having clarity. Gaining the tools, insight, and guidance you need to become the Creative Director of your own life is a part of my promise to you during your journey. 

The SOUL of the Create & Flow Experience…

Is the all-inclusive customized 
creative living plan


“The Create & Flow program has been transformative. Rachel is a Master at Life Branding. 
She helped me figure out my Life Branding. 
The Create & Flow process was one that was very invigorating, mind opening, and refreshing. 
It had me looking into some things I was doing and neglecting in my life. 
It helped me to put myself in a position to be in control of my life.
Create & Flow is a program that I believe every person should participate in. 
It allows you to prioritize your life in the best way possible. 
I will be a client for life.”

From the heart of client, Cortnee, a busy Wife, Mother, and Entrepreneur:

That you receive to guide and support your FLOW for the year ahead 

For a closer look, your Creative Living Plan includes:

Discovery of your Divine Natural Approach to living your life in authentic alignment - which highlights your core assets, personal values, intrinsic motivation, spiritual mission, and envisioned legacy

The inner and outer circle of your relationships are explored and insightful suggestions are made for recalibration and healing

A deep dive into your Personal Journey (Past, Present, Future) is conducted in order to best provide a roadmap for aligning with your most sought after goals for the year in front of in front of you

Daily Rituals are recommended based on your personal ebbs and flows to inspire you throughout the year to make the shifts your soul is craving

Your Annual Personal Forecast is the crux of your Creative Living Plan - it is where you gain a thorough breakdown of how to activate and embody your ALCHEMY each season with compassionate grace and spirited pursuit

The Creative Living Plan is designed to bring you directly to: 

Unapologetic Self-Care
Unparalleled Focus 
Unstoppable Direction

Are you ready to take 30 days to design your life on your terms?

Explore Your Roots & Affirm Your Soul’s Desires

Creative living plan